Plaque et moitie de la maison

On June 6, 1944, this house was the first to be liberated by the Canadians by sea. It is now a symbol of remembrance and of our duty of memory.

The Canada House is more than a memorial, it is a living space to commemorate all the soldiers who died in the name of freedom.

Would you like to help?

You can support us in two different ways:

Make a donation directly, which will allow us to preserve the house and the duty of remembrance through the various ceremonies we carry out each year.

Pay tribute to our liberators by purchasing a commemorative plaque engraved with their names to hang on the Wall of Remembrance. An unveiling ceremony will be held following the installation of the plaque.

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You can visit the Canada House!

The house owners and their friends will open its doors for you whenever they can to share its rich memories and the testimonies of the D-Day landings from our dear veterans.

To arrange your visit, please visit our contact page.